Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wish We Had Been There!

So this morning Chip Woolley sees Tim Ice walking across the yard before Summer Bird goes out to work [Tim got him in 1:01.68] and makes some comment about them going out again tonight and Tim gets this semi-horrified look on his face and Chip busts out laughing.

"We were out the other night at Siro's," Chip says.

The highlight of the evening, he goes on, was when he and Tim pretended they were each other; Chip donning Tim's trademark baseball cap and introducing himself as Summer Bird's trainer and Tim sporting Chip's black cowboy hat and leaning on his crutches and telling everyone he trained the Kentucky Derby winner.

"Did it work?"

"Maybe about 40 percent believed it," says Chip.

"Nah," says Tim, "nobody was fooled. I don't have a mustache."

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